MASTER SERIES SUNSHADE for the iPad 9.7" and 9.7" Pro

Industrial Rotor
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The Professionals Choice:

Knowing the needs of Professional Drone Pilots and Aerial DP's allows INDUSTRIAL ROTOR  to create sunshades that are able to withstand the toughest days in location shooting.  Whether you are doing documentary work or on the set for a feature film, you'll find that the new Master Series Marc II Sunshade will be able to keep up with the rigors of production life.

Building off the success of our incredibly popular professional Master Series Sunshades comes the new Master Series Mark II.  The new Master Series Marc II is better in every way.  We have refined our Industrial Rotor No-Slip Mount slimming it down and machining it out of solid aluminum.   The iPad 9.7" and 9.7" Pro version is spot on and works seemlessly with your drone setup.  A new hinged door makes it easy to insert your tablet holding it securely in place whether the shades are up or down.  When closed it has a slimmer profile and more refined finish.    


At long last we have created a shade that will help you bust the glare and reflection that that iOS devices are notorious for having.  The new Glare Buster option beats the reflection by reflecting the top shade onto the surface of your tablet.  This gives you a nice dark screen with minimal if any reflection on your device.

The Master Series Marc II for the iPad Pro has some stunning new features not offered in our previous products.

    • Better fit
    • Better finish
    • Hinged door system for securing you iPad 9.7" and 9.7" Pro
  • High Shades with Matte Finish
  • INDUSTRIALROTOR No-Slip Mounting System
  • Optional No-Slip DJI Tray Adaptor
  • Optional Bigfoot Mount - Required for Phantom 3 Owners.
  • Slim Design
  • Fast assembly for quick deploys.

The Master Series Marc II ships within 1-Business Day, when in stock. 

Have questions we are here to answer. Contact us by phone at (205) 378-9242 or use for easy communication.

Compatible with:

  • Phantom 3 With Bigfoot Option (works with all Phantom 3's except for the Phantom 3 Standard
  • Phantom 4
  • Phantom 4 Pro
  • Inspire 1
  • Inspire 2


For most individuals the standard setup will work without issue.  If you are flying a Phantom 3 Series Drone (except for the Phantom 3 Standard) you will have to upgrade to the Bigfoot No-Slip Mount Option.   If you would like the ability to use your DJI Transmitter Tray be sure to select the "Small Claw Transmitter Tray Adaptor".  THESE SAME OPTIONS ARE AVAILBABLE IN THE GLARE BUSTER VERSION AT THE SAME COST.  

Still confused?  We are here to help so feel free to reach out to us by phone or through our contact us form.  

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