For Drones Pilots:
In the ever changing drone environment Sunshade competition is always changing and we are ever evolving to keep up with that competition.  We are not here to pull down our competition.  However, we are here to compete at a different level. was born out of my simple need to have a great sunshade that was made to withstand the harsh environments of a professional production environment.  This is where the small fabric material shades fail, and for more than one reason.  The first ones out didn't match the needs of the controller or attachments.  They were flimsy and rarely if ever were they square after assembly.  I ended up struggling and modifying them to try to get them to work before I ended up simply throwing the shade away.  

Sunshade Pro our first sunshadeThis is where our very first Sunshade was created.  The SunShade Pro (Pictured Left).  I purchased a 3D printer and used my knowledge of 3D programs to create the very first sunshade with no thoughts of ever selling it online.   Well that didn't last long.  This first sunshade was made in four pieces, easy to assemble, solid as a rock and packed away into the stock DJI Inspire 1 case with zero issues.  I offered it on eBay and immediately realized that what I had created for myself was much needed by others.  That was the day that was born.

Since then I have personally created over 10 different 3D sunshade designs. I loved 3D printing but we needed something more professional that is why we purchased a full CNC milling machine for making our prototypes and partnered with a CNC manufacturing company to handle all production.  Our very first milled sunshades have been a huge hit.  We spent about 6-months in research and development on the Master Series Sunshades (Pictured Right). With the backing of our customers and support in this very long process we have made something that others are raving about.


It is a harsh reality for us that our sunshades our expensive compared to the others out there.  It's not that we are trying to get rich but simply that we have created something that has been meticulously designed, it's solid as a rock, hinged, for quick assemblies and disassembles, and can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it.  They also take several hours to assemble.  Since the Master Series Shade are manufactured from solid plastic you'd be surprised how much more they cost compared to our 3D printed versions.  All those little extras add up quickly but more than that the time and attention we give to them is where the price comes from.  Each Master Series sunshade takes just over 4 hours to assemble and that doesn't include the time and cost it takes for the parts to be machined.  

Our Promise To You:

Our main concern is truly our customers.  We are committed to you and you being happy with our products.  While all of our products come with a 14-day money back satisfaction guarantee we have made it our mission to go beyond that for you.  Last year we had over 750 transactions in our store.  I would love to say that no one ever took advantage of our satisfaction guarantee but I am proud to say it was less than 1/100th of our orders.  If you have a need contact us we are here for you and will do everything inside our power to make sure you are happy.  We even offer a 6-month Repair or Replace Warranty on our Master Series Sunshades.  That's how much we believe in them.  


I completely understand that our sunshades aren't for everyone.  We are not built to compete with a $16 piece of folded fabric. We are built to compete with professional level equipment and I feel that we are succeeding.  

Thank you for taking the time to visit we look forward to serving you and invite you to contact us with any questions or comments.