Master Series
Modular Sunshade Systems

The Master Series Mark III sunshade ushers in a new era to the Drone Industry. With it's new modular design you can create the sunshade that is perfect for you. We make it simple... Pick the parts that are important to you and we will custom make your sunshade to your deisres. Each one hand crafted and built tough for each individual customer. From tripod mounts to glare busting shades we will create for you the perfect solution to sun muting needs.  

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INDUSTRIALROTOR Sunshades are being used by professionals around the world. From documentary work and industrial applications to Movie and TV Production we are trusted to provide both shade and security in the harshest environments. Some of our current users come from ESPN and the Southern Company. Flying with our systems is an experience that will change the way for good. Click here to learn more about what our customers think about our Sun Protection Systems.

for iPad Pro 10.5"
Starting at $99.99

for iPad 9.7" and 9.7" Pro
Starting at $89.99

for iPad Air 2 & 3
Starting at $89.99

for iPad Mini 2, 3 & 4
Starting at $79.99

Master Series Accessories and Add Ons