Like you we are Drone pilots and aerial Photographers.  Over two years ago we ran across a problem we were having when flying. The problem?... Not being able to see the screen of our tablets while flying.   I found myself constantly trying to find a shadowed place to stand under while at the same time having to maintain line of site with our aircraft. We tried the majority of the fabric based shades that flooded the market from the inexpensive to the costly and found them woefully lacking.  We needed something that was rigid, square and well built so that it could hold up in harsh professional production environments while offering great protection from the sun.

It was at this point that I decided to use my motion graphics background and knowledge of 3D programs to develop and 3D print a Sunshade. It turned out really nice so I released it to the public.  Almost overnight was born and we have been trying our best to keep up ever since. 

We now offer several much needed products and are aggressively looking to increase our product line and company to a much larger market and finer products. is located just south of Birmingham in Alabama. It is our joy to say that our sunshades are made for the professional drone pilot and Aerial Director of Photography.  While professionals prefer our products we still sale the majority to drone aficionados around the world. 

Have questions check out our contact us page and send us a question or feedback.  We would love to hear from you.