Mavic Pro 2

Mavic Pro 2

The Mavic 2 is coming!

$ Unknown

Good news, tomorrow all of this speculation will be a reality.  We are looking forward to the release and wanted to let you guys know what to expect.  Here is a quick rundown and synopsis of all that we have learned.

Expected Models

From all we've gathered we see 3 new models as well as many accessories.  Here's the short list.
• Mavic 2 Pro
• Mavic 2 Zoom
• Mavic Enterprise
• Optional Accessories (Many for the enterprise as well as an
   optional hand held gimbal for all versions)

The Bigger "Better" Picture

I think the biggest news no matter the version that you choose is the addition of a 1-inch CMOS Sensor "Hasselblad" Camera.

Although DJI's cameras have been pretty spectacular adding the name Hasselblad cannot be a bad thing.  I mean after all Hasselblad is known for excellence.

The attached leaked photo is from a company in the UK.  This is there product catalog meant to coincide with the expected earlier release of the Mavic 2.

A Handheld Gimbal

Here at AerialDroneAccessories we have fallen in love with all models of the OSMO.  To put it simply they are awesome.   So  if I can add a gimbal to the 1-inch sensor Hasselblad camera you best believe we will be adding that gimbal.  Which of course means a removable camera (it took DJI long enough).  Now that something to get excited about.  

Full Support for the Mavic 2 Line Up will be fully supporting the new Mavic 2 Line Up.  We will be selling them as well as developing for them.  Take a look at our ingenious DuoShade which works wonderfully with the current lines of both the Mavic Pro, Mavic Air and Spark controllers.

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From what we can tell this is where the most speculation comes in?  What the heck is enterprise?  What are these crazy attachments?  We've seen 2 so far.  One appears to be a super LED and the other appears to be a positioning system.  

The attachments are secured with thumbscrews on top and towards the front of the DJI Mavic Enterprise.

What I was hoping for

Stacy Cobb

Lead Designer

I think that my biggest hope, which I think will not be a reality, is for a low cost Dual control system.  In one respect I understand the need to hold that ability off for the professional systems like the Inspire and Matrice.  However, everyday I feel like a good quality dual control system in a lesser expensive model is now a viable option for DJI.   I will admit it does make more sense to put this option in their mid-tier phantom than on their lower end.  But can you image what it would be like to be able to have both a pilot and a camera op on such a portable system.  One great thing I see from what we have in the photos above is what appears to be a gimbal that has more rotation than the previous versions.  It may not be 360 but clearly from he photos it is 180.

The good news... All of the speculation ends tomorrow.  

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