10X The Tensile Strength of Carbon Fiber

A Drone Made from Spider Web

Lightweight and strong are some of the most important needs of Drone Operators when it comes to their chosen flight platform.  With that being in mind could a drone made from Spider Web be in your future.  I know that you are thinking this is a dream but honestly it is no longer a dream.   A new company going by the name SpideyTek has developed a way to use the same proteins in Spider Web to produce spider silk.  When you use their spider silk and resin you come away with a material that is 10x the tensile stretch of carbon fiber and a fraction of the cost.  The advantages of spider silk are clearly seen in just those two elements of this new material.

Still under the impression that this is not for real.  Believe me it is. For more information check out www.spideytech.com and just for your enjoyment take a look at the actual drone they built to show off their new material. 

Mavic 2 Sunshade

DuoShade-V2 for the DJI Mavic 2, Mavic Pro, Mavic Air & Spark

$ 77.77
IMPORTANT: All items at AerialDroneAccessories.com are build to order and are manufactured after the order is placed. On average orders are built and shipped within 2 to 3 weeks. Even
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MASTER SERIES SUNSHADE for the iPad 9.7" and iPad Pro 9.7"

MASTER SERIES SUNSHADE for the iPad 9.7" and iPad Pro 9.7"

$ 99.99
Master Series "Mark III" The Modular Sunshade System By INDUSTRIALROTOR For years INDUSTRIALROTOR has been developing the finest sunshades for the most demanding professional drone pilots and RC enthusiast around
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